Our 2023 Finalists

We’re beyond excited to present to you the exceptional films that will be screened at this year’s Port Shorts Film Festival. These cinematic gems are set to blow you away! 🌟

Check them out!👇



White Lies : 12:00 min 

Greg Moran : Australia
When his well intentioned lies to get his daughter a scholarship escalate and spiral out of control Dave has to choose between having money and power, and being a good role model for his daughter.

The Do’s & Don’ts of Getting Married : 14:06 min
Karen Jackson & ARC Disability Services : Australia

Emma and Max are engaged‚ but they have very different ideas of what their wedding day will look like! Enter Scarlet, their friend and self-appointed sassy diva boss wedding planner. Scarlet hatches some weird and wonderful plans to help salvage their romantic union and teach Emma and Max the most important lesson of happily ever after – compromise.

Yellow : 12:49 min

Elham Ehsas : United Kingdom
In Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, a woman walks into a chadari store in Kabul to buy her first full-body veil and face an uncertain future.

Chip Packet Day : 3:08 min
Oscar Axel Thorborg : Australia
A young woman seeks refuge in the comfort of a chip packet when her partner arrives home with a barrage of social obligations. Chip Packet Day is a film about the day we all sorely need but so rarely allow ourselves to have.

In my Bones : 4:32min
Harrison Warne : Australia
In my Bones Meet Adele Pentland: a palaeontologist living on a remote cattle station in Western QLD. This short feature looks at Adele’s life as a researcher and her favourite animals Рthe pterosaurs.

Healing Heart Feeling Country : 5:08 
Robert Sherwood Australia
Witness country come alive as Mark Cora, proud Minjungbal man and cultural educator unveils the contexts that shape his latest artwork, The Wind Dancer.

Dear Elizabeth : 7:10 min
Lorna Carmichael : Canada

A box of handwritten letters takes us on a journey through a young man‚Äôs national service, as he courts his wife to be. Years later, over the pandemic lockdown, his children re-read their late father’s letters, to their Mum, Elizabeth, providing a much needed connection, while she is in isolation during her final days.

Creek Geeks : 5:32 min
Andrew Robb, Jessica Gerger : Australia  
Two volunteers take an unorthodox approach to deal with some unsightly graffiti beside their beloved creek.

The Spider Web : 14:00 min

Timothy Donovan : Hay South Africa
Short documentary about a well known shaper called Spider Murphy, Spider pioneered surfing through the ages and was some of the top surfers board shaper like Shaun Thompson that won the world title in 1977 on a custom shaped Spider Murphy. This documentary is a tribute to a man that still shapes, Surfs, and skates every day at the age of 76 years of age.

The Followed : 8:49 min
Emma Louise Leonard : Australia
When two best mates find themselves in a zombie apocalypse, staying relevant becomes a matter of life and death. 0:08:49 Port Shorts OPEN FILMMAKERS Award


My Australia : 4:56
Chris Tangey : Australia

Aerial Cinematographer Chris Tangey left Australia’s cities forever over 30 years ago. Here are some of the beautiful places he now lives with every day.

Time Flies 3:55
Christopher C. Clark – United States

Time Flies is a short video consisting of a majority of drone footage shot in Ultra High Definition 4k video throughout the United States. The video is a project of Christopher C. Clark of Domminant Productions.


Forever : 4:04 min
Lucy Knox : Australia
Music video for Forever, for Australian band DMA’s. Shot with a crew of four, on the Isle of Sheppey in January 2023.

Boy & Bear “Just To Be Kind” : 3:43 min
Liam Kelly : Australia
Vivid cityscapes and countryside solitude in an exploration of regret and letting go. Interspersed with scenes of Boy & Bear delivering an emotive performance, the clip follows the story of a woman who has passed away, as she grapples with the process of bidding her family farewell whilst embarking on a new journey.

POOL OF FLOWERS – Poetic Chaos (Music Video) 0:04:23
Jade Katelyn Schuck, Clara Ines Satzke, Raquel Lobera : Australia  
One take music video of POOL OF FLOWERS  by Poetic Chaos

TIKA MAREE – High : 4:15 min
Cesar Salmeron : Australia
Drowning in a state of love, does gravity only pull you down…or can it also pick you back up?

The Apocalyptic West 0:02:48
Chris Castor : United States

In a post-apocalyptic world where music is outlawed, a sheriff tracks down a wanted musician.

Big Bright Moon – Mitch King : 4:14 min
Marty Brown, Shannon Hunter : Australia  
Big Bright Moon is a new release single from Australian award winning musician Mitch King

Bacon Busters : 6:35 min
Levi Straus Cranston Australia
The next instalment from the Boingas / Cranston & Deem partnership, shot in and around the Cedar Bay area in Far North Queensland and Jungle Love Music Festival on 8mm film.

Teskey Brothers ‘The Winding Way Trilogy’ 0:04:00
W.A.M. Bleakley  : Australia 

Forest Claudette : ‘Goodbye’ 3:33 min
Flora Hadaway : Australia 



A Mermaid’s Tale: A Plastic Catastrophe 3:59 min
Lauren Kate Gratas : Australia
A mermaid entangled in plastic in her natural environment, overrun by the intervention of plastic in the ocean, despite coral spawning trying to give new life to the ocean, the mermaid succumbs

Kuranda : 3:07 min
Scott Anderssen : Australia
A short film, a music video, a feature films ending, a trailer…..take your pick. One thing’s for sure, the brochures don’t tell you everything about KURANDA.

Kurranji Rainforest Guide : 3:55 min
Suzanne Jane Lennox : Australia
Kurranji the cassowary is the self-appointed guide in Kaba Kada in the Daintree Rainforest. She hopes that her offspring follow in her footsteps.

The Moving Story of Captain Cook : 1:55 min
Alvaro del Campo Sanchez : Australia
When a controversial landmark has to make way for development, the local community debates its fate.

Hot and Cold : 1:39 min
Fletcher Grahame Isau Glover : Australia
When slacker Fletcher Glover decides he’s uncomfortable in the heat he must choose whether it’s better to be too hot or too cold thanks to an industrial fan facing his favorite hangout spot.

Ngamu (Mother) :  2:23 min
John Hartley, David Salomon : Australia
‘Ngamu’ is a captivating short film co-directed and co-produced by John Hartley and David Salomon. With narration by David Salomon and an evocative musical score by John Hartley, this film immerses viewers in a rich tapestry of storytelling, dance, and song.


Lucidity : 4:51 min
Tom Barber : Australia
This is the 4th episode in avpart of a short film series known as ‘Lucidity.’ This project covers the topic of a multi platform product in film, television and new media.

Left Behind 2:40 min
Evangeline Judge-Mears : Australia
Alice seems to live an ordinary life, until the people around her begin to disappear. Each time she tries to run, she only finds herself somewhere else entirely, wondering if she is finally safe.

An Aberration in Eternity : 4:00 min
Hayden Mouat : Australia
What would it be like to live forever? Would you consider it a good thing? Many people probably would. But, the reality of immortality is a little more unnerving than what people may think…

Spin To Win : 5:00 min
Ella Annabelle Pearce : Australia
When a fun-filled evening out at a carnival is tragically ruined on the way home in a car accident. You lose a dear friend and he won’t let you forget it. Spin to win! and unravel the past.

It’s Only a Film : 3:10 min
Samvu Willing : Australia
Bobby Breadcrumb lives a terrible life of hitting his head on doorways, running out of milk, and slipping on banana peels. In an effort to find meaning and change the script of his life.

Overload 5:00 min
William Fletcher : Australia
This experimental film explores the concept of being overwhelmed. A computer is forced to face the burden of answering the intangible, Ultimate Question. However, the solution requires input from seemingly everything.

Dream/Curse 3:24 min
Ryo O’Loingsigh : Australia
Thisfilm follows the life of Bennet Sanderson as he tries to follow the dream he is slowly piecing together in his head. Using various techniques from two prolific auteurs, Dream/Curse explores the relationship between these two concepts.

Phantom Pressure : 3:12 min
Karena Darwen : Australia  
High school is supposed to be one of the most special times of our life. So why does it take wide-eyed, eager students and slowly strip them of their passions and love of learning?

Write From Experience : 5:00 min
Candace Judge : Australia
Elaine Denvers, a young aspiring author seeks to get her murder mystery novel published but is turned down because her writing lacks authenticity. Advised to “write from experience” she sets out to gain the experience.

Taking me Nowhere : 2:02 min
Imogen Loukas : Australia
A short experimental film exploring the concept of living with ADD/ADHD and the relatable impacts it has on day-to-day living.

AI Realities 2:00 min
Phuong Le : Australia
A short experimental film that combines ChatGPT and Unreal engine to bring imagined worlds to reality.

DISORDER 2:43 min
Bianca Cheng : Australia
A young girl is fed up with her parents’ hoarding until she finds out the reason why.

Full Retribution 1:28 min
Josh Lewis : Australia
Left for dead. A life of pursuing justice left behind. Now there’s only revenge. After a near death encounter, former detective Max Lanford is haunted by his partner’s betrayal.


The Thief : 1:59 min
Tay Nain : Australia
A young girl faces a unexpected foe at her daycare.

Girl’s Best Friend : 0:43
Naida Pandzo : Australia
A lonely girl makes a new fluffy friend, and some human ones too.

Stationery Story 1:43 min
Jaden Kim : Australia
Stationery equipment comes into life. A pencil who was always been the owner’s favourite has been replaced with a pen. What will Pencil do to reclaim the top spot?

Blue Light : 0:59 min
Yili Yuan:  Australia
Amidst the demands of work and school deadlines. As work continues to accumulate and impending deadlines approach, sometimes things take a turn for the worse. Intensifying the pressure and engulfing the mind suffocating it with thoughts and emotions. But by taking a step back, the girl discovers that it can help overcome the gripping feeling.

Once in a Blue Moon : 0:44 min
Sophie (Georgia) Lee : Australia
A lonely astronomer gazes into his telescope during a full blue moon. A princess resides in the moon, isolated and sorrowful. Both glimpse a similarly unfortunate soul existing hundreds of kilometres away. And the princess decides to descend from the moon to be with her companion.

Shaun Crossman – Elite Road and Track Cyclist : 1:38 min
Felix Crossman : Australia
Join Shaun Crossman as he explores elite road and track cycling, and what it takes to become competitive, as well as giving us a look into tactics, his achievements, and more!

The Hidden Art of Classical Music : 2:00 min
Aarav Vaidya : Australia
People have always regarded classical music as boring, dull and lifeless. But in this mini documentary, Matthew Lee will share his passion and explain the hidden art of classical music

Aquatica : 1:04 min
Avalon Sparks : Australia
A microdocumentary on the health benefits of connecting with “the blue.”

Making a Splash : 1:35 min
Charles Mead : Australia
A microdocumentary about the health benefits of being active in the water.